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The dispensing pharmacy will provide advice and support to the residents and staff within the care home over and above the Dispensing Essential service, to ensure the proper and effective ordering of drugs and appliances and their clinical and cost effective use, their safe storage, supply and administration, disposal and correct record keeping.

Proposed patient benefit:

  • improved clinical outcome through better treatment compliance;
  • effective use of medicines; and
  • improved safety through reduction of risks.

The service is likely to involve advising the care home in:

  • medication management procedures;
  • availability of current best practice guidance;
  • ideas for staff training – including signposting to relevant training;
  • communications required with the prescriber; and
  • communications required with the dispenser.

The pharmacist or pharmacy technician will visit the care home before to carry out the assessment using the Support Tool (attached) with the relevant staff member. Resulting actions for the care home will be entered by the provider onto PharmOutcomes and an action plan to be generated and provided to the care home within 10 working days of the visit.

Location of service

Sheffield LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Care home

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