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Aims of the scheme
The overall aim of the scheme is to ensure that children aged from 3 months to 16
years can access self-care advice for the treatment of Otitis Media, and, where
appropriate, can be supplied with Otigo to treat their condition. This provides an alternative location from which patients (or their parents/guardian) can seek advice and treatment, rather than seeking treatment via a prescription from their General Practitioner (GP) or Out of Hours (OHH) provider, walk in centre or accident and emergency.

• Educate patients (or their parent/guardian) to seek advice and treatment from
the most appropriate healthcare setting.
• Improve patient’s access to advice and appropriate treatment for these
ailments via Community Pharmacy.
• Reduce GP workload for these ailments allowing greater focus on more
complex and urgent medical conditions.
• Promote the role of the pharmacist and self-care
• Improve working relationships between doctors and pharmacists

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Sandwell LPC


NHS England

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Minor ailment service

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