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The agreement is for pharmacy staff to provide flu vaccination, where
appropriate, to Bradford council staff and staff working for Voluntary Community
Sector Organisations (VCS) on presentation of a valid council issued flu voucher

All BMDC employees and eligible VCS care provider staff will be encouraged to
attend the pharmacy for a vaccination by their managers. Pharmacies have the
option of arranging an off-site visit to a BMDC site to administer vaccinations to
eligible employees or to arrange with independent care providers to vaccinate
eligible employees at the provider’s premises. The Covid vaccination programme
has evidenced that take up of vaccinations is greater when vaccines are taken to
individuals and where they do not have to book in beforehand.

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West Yorkshire LPC


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Seasonal influenza vaccination

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Pharmacists carrying out the vaccinations must be trained in-line with the
requirements of the NHS Advanced Flu Service.

8.2. Pharmacists must complete the training as specified within the PGD. This
should, as a minimum, meet the requirements of the NHS advanced flu service.
8.3. Pharmacists should demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge and
skills to provide the service by completing the Vaccination Services Declaration
of Competence (DoC) every two years. Signing the DoC whilst not meeting the
competencies may constitute or be treated as a fitness to practise issue.
8.4. Pharmacists must also meet any additional training requirements as stated in the
pharmacy flu PGD.