Services Database Directly Observed Therapy Service for Tuberculosis Treatment in Community Pharmacy (BNSSG area)

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This services facilitates the appropriate supervision of antimicrobial therapy consumption for the treatment of tuberculosis as prescribed by secondary care.
Aims and intended services outcomes:

  • to support services providing care for the growing numbers of tuberculosis cases in Bristol;
  • to ensure that patients prescribed antimicrobial therapy for the treatment of tuberculosis can have their treatment supervised by a healthcare professional when this is appropriate;
  • to reduce pressure on the community tuberculosis service by delegating supervision of consumption of antimicrobial treatment to community pharmacists where possible; and
  • to improve patient experience by making it possible for supervision to take place at the patient's local designated community pharmacy.

Location of service

Avon LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Source of funding

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Service type

Tuberculosis (TB)

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Pharmacy contractors will undertake training about the tuberculosis medications and about directly observed therapy. This training will be provided by the Bristol Community Health TB nurse service.