Services Database Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) (Brighton & Hove Area)

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Supply of EHC under PGD - provision of Levonorgestrel or Ulipristal acetate.

Location of service

East Sussex LPC


Local Authority (LA)

Method of commissioning

Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Emergency hormonal contraception

Other organisations involved


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Pharmacist providing the service should have signed the PGD. The pharmacist providing the service will have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the service by completing the Emergency Contraception Declaration of Competence (DoC) on CPPE.
The contractor should offer a chlamydia/gonorrhoea self-test to all young people (aged 25 or younger) as part of the provision of EHC as well as to young people requesting condoms via the C card scheme. Tests should also be offered to all people identified at risk of having contracted a STI.
This service can be provided by Pharmacists who have completed all necessary training and updates.


Payments to be claimed via PharmOutcomes
Payments are made quarterly