Services Database Emergency Hormonal Contraception (Isle of Wight)

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Aims and Objectives

  • To increase the knowledge, especially among young people, of the availability of
    emergency contraception and contraception from pharmacies.
  • To improve access to emergency contraception and sexual health advice.
  • To increase the use of EHC by women who have had unprotected sex and help
    contribute to a reduction in the number of unplanned pregnancies.
  • To refer clients, especially those from hard to reach groups, into mainstream
    contraceptive services.
  • To increase the knowledge of risks associated with STIs.
  • To refer clients who may have been at risk of STIs to an appropriate service.
  • To strengthen the local network of contraceptive and sexual health services to help
    ensure easy and swift access to advice.
  • To reduce the personal health and public health risk of infection by Chlamydia
  • Increase access to all methods of contraception, including long-acting reversible
    contraception (LARC) methods and emergency hormonal contraception for women of all ages and their partners.

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Hampshire & IOW LPC


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Emergency hormonal contraception

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This service is available on the Isle of Wight only.