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Patients with confirmed diagnosis of gluten enteropathy or dermatitis herpetiformis who have a written referral from either a GP or dietitian contracted to specified CCGs can be provided with free gluten free foods that are listed in the current Drug Tariff under this service.  

Quantities of foods allowed will be as stated on the appropriate Gluten Free Foods Patient Guide – maximum number of units per month.

This Service must be delivered by a pharmacist or qualified dispenser.

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Northamptonshire & Milton Keynes LPC


NHS England

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NHS England

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Gluten free food service

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To support pharmacies to provide a gluten free food supply service, Northamptonshire Pharmacy Policy and Prescribing service will provide the following:

  • An initial training session to inform and advise on the organisation of the scheme and update on the management of coeliac disease;
  • Support to pharmacies with advice if requested; and
  • Specialist advice and support on request, from a dietitian or PCT pharmacist, including advice on implementation of quality standards, performance issues, advice and support with “challenging” patients.