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All community pharmacies located in Portsmouth City boundaries are invited to participate in this service provided they :

  • are a Healthy Living Pharmacy; and/or
  • are a participant in the Health Checks Programme; and/or
  • have achieved 12 successful 4-week quits through the stop smoking programme in the previous financial year; and
  • have completed the necessary training standards.

The service comprises of several levels of activity:

  • Offering a service to weigh and measure clients who are concerned about their weight and to provide brief advice about healthy eating.
  • Effective signposting of individuals to a service that suits their particular need, including referral to specialist service
  • Working with clients who are eligible for the service and who are committed to making changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing regular 1:1 counselling service.
  • Providing ongoing opportunistic support for clients who have completed the programme.

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Hampshire & IOW LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Weight management

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All staff providing 1:1 counselling must be accredited Healthy Weight Advisers. The preferred route of accreditation is to attend the two day training session delivered by Portsmouth Hospital Dieticians and 2 day training on behaviour change techniques.

Pharmacy teams must have necessary knowledge to give brief advice; to support health weight assessment and recruitment and to provide contingency cover for unplanned absence of pharmacy advisers.


This service is available in the Portsmouth City area only.