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The Coventry HIV Point Of Care Testing Pharmacy pilot aims to increase the number of HIV tests undertaken in Coventry, especially with at risk groups such as the black African population and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM).

The INSTI HIV-1/HIV-2 Antibody Point Of Care blood spot Test (POCT) is the screening test for the HIV antibody to be used in the Coventry Pharmacy HIV pilot project. Patients whose blood samples give reactive results must attend the Integrated Sexual Health Service for a further blood test to have their HIV diagnosis confirmed.

Inclusion Criteria:
All patients requesting an HIV test who have self-identified as at risk

Patients who have been advised to have a test by a health professional (GP practices will be signposting new registrations for an HIV test).

Exclusion Criteria

  • patients presenting for healthcare where HIV, including primary HIV infection, enters differential diagnosis (need to be referred to GP);
  • patients diagnosed with an STI, (or who request STI test/screen) (need to be referred to sexual health services);
  • sexual partners of men and women known to be HIV positive (need to be referred to sexual health services);
  • pregnant women who refused antenatal screening;
  • people requesting HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (HIV PEP) (need to be referred to sexual health services, or A&E if out of hours);
  • those already known to have HIV (need to be referred to sexual health services);
  • anyone tested in the past 3 months with no subsequent history of potential exposure;
  • pregnant women who have had an ante-natal HIV test; and
  • patients who have symptoms of sero-conversion illness (these individuals should be referred straight to the Integrated Sexual Health Service)

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Coventry LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Blood-borne virus screening

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Training will cover information about HIV, the use of point of care tests, communication (including dealing with stigma) data collection to access available funding and requirements regarding quality assurance. All appropriate staff in the pharmacy, including reception staff, should be aware of the project.


This service is available in the Coventry City Centre area only.