Services Database IV Antibiotic Stockholding Service (Halton Area)

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To support admissions avoidance and early discharge for specific appropriate conditions and to improve the care of these patients by:

  • Maintaining an agreed stock of medicines used to treat specific conditions such as cellulitis, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections and Clostridium difficile at designated community pharmacies (Appendix A – drug list). This is intended for supply by community pharmacies against FP10 prescriptions issued.
  • Ensuring access to the agreed stock of medicines is available during normal working hours including weekends and evenings.
  • Designated community pharmacies signposting carers and healthcare professionals to other participating service providers with confirmed sufficient stock, in the event that they are unable to immediately supply the necessary medicines.
  • Supporting patients, carers and clinicians by providing them with up to date information and advice where appropriate.
  • Avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions where the sole purpose of admission is to access appropriate medication.

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Halton, St Helens & Knowsley LPC


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