Services Database ‘Just In Case’ Supply – Stock Holding of Palliative Care Medicines (Blackpool and Fylde & Wyre Area)

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The aim of the service is to maintain a locally agreed stock of medicines used in the treatment of palliative care patients at designated community pharmacies. This is intended as a ‘Just in Case 4 Core Drugs’ supply by community pharmacies against FP10 prescriptions issued. These palliative care medicines will be supplied for storage in the patient’s home in anticipation and in advance of the need to administer the medicine.

The community pharmacy contractor will dispense the medication in a bag, sealed with a tamper-evident seal in response to being presented with an NHS prescription. Prescriptions may be highlighted as a ‘Just in Case 4 Core Drugs’ supply by the GP practice or the pharmacy will be notified by the community nurse. The pharmacist will ensure batch numbers and expiry dates are visible on each medicine container and ensure that patient information leaflets are included for each medicine. All medicines supplied must have a minimum of three months expiry date.

The ‘Just in Case 4 Core Drugs’ supply will be labelled externally at the pharmacy with the:

  • patient’s name;
  • date of supply;
  • drug name and quantity supplied; and
  • batch numbers and expiry dates of the medicines contained within it.

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Lancashire LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Service type

On demand availability of specialist drugs (palliative care)

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The contractor has a duty to ensure that all employed pharmacists and pharmacy staff participate in the provision of the service. Staff must have relevant knowledge and must be appropriately trained in the operation of the service. A CPPE Palliative Care course is available to support CPD.


This service is available in the Blackpool area only.