Services Database Management of simple urinary tract infection (Berkshire Area)

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The overall aim of the scheme is to ensure that patients can access self-care advice for the treatment of UTIs and, where appropriate, can be supplied with nitrofurantoin (at NHS expense if the patient is exempt, otherwise a standard prescription fee will be taken), to treat their UTI. This provides an alternative location from which patients can seek advice and treatment, rather than seeking treatment via a prescription from their GP or out of hours (OOH) provider, or via a walk-in centre or accident and emergency.

· Promote self-care through community pharmacy, including the provision of advice and where appropriate medicines without the need of a GP appointment;

· Operate a sign posting system from local medical practices to community pharmacy;

· Improve working relationships between GPs and Pharmacies;

· Improve primary, urgent and emergency care capacity by reducing the workload of those providers related to UTIs;

· Provide evidence-based care in line with local and national guidelines.

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Thames Valley LPC


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Minor ailment service

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