Services Database Maternal Mental Health and pregnancy within Barking and Dagenham

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Aims and Objectives

· To support people with mental health concerns to make informed choices about their medication and pregnancy

· Develop a training offer for community pharmacists

· Raise awareness and confidence amongst community pharmacists of the issues around pregnancy and mental ill-health medications

· To support women of child bearing age on medication for mental health

Scope of the programme

The community pharmacists in B&D to have one to one conversations with targeted population groups, i.e. Women of child bearing age (over 18) on the following

medication/medication groups indicated for mental illness. Participating pharmacies will have consultation rooms which are accessible, have prior training, and can provide privacy. Patients will be offered the option to leave the pharmacy and take time to reflect on the discussion and to return subsequently if they wish to have a consultation with pharmacist.

Key requirements to for pharmacies to participate in the programme

· Service has to be provided by a qualified pharmacist

· The pharmacy must have a private consultation room

· The pharmacy must have access to IT and use pharmoutcomes for data entry

· Participating pharmacists must complete bespoke training via https://www.e-

· Consultation time: Around 20 minutes

Location of service

North East London LPC


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Mental health

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Mandatory Training and Requirements

· CPPE Safeguarding level 2

· Completion of e-learning modules on Perinatal Mental Health will be held on

· The modules that need to be completed are:

Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health 1 Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health 2 Perinatal Mental Health in the Antenatal Period

· In order for Pharmacists to complete this training they first must register on

1. Once registered click on “Regulated Professional Roles”

2. Click on E-learning

3. Select Perinatal

4. Work through all three modules