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This Minor Ailment Scheme for asylum seekers placed in IAC’s in NHS Morecambe Bay CCG with advice and access to medicines through identified community pharmacies where appropriate supporting integration and self-care.

To encourage patients to self-refer to named local community pharmacy where appropriate. The community pharmacist will provide advice on specified minor conditions and supply medicines according to the local formulary in Appendix 1 free of charge for patients in the above cohort with a HC2 exemption or that is awaiting a HC2 exemption and has been referred by CHOC (Cumbria Health On Call)

The scheme aims to deliver the following objectives:

  1. Improve patients’ access to advice and treatment.
  2. Reduce unnecessary waiting times for appointment
  3. Reduce GP workload for self-limiting minor ailments.
  4. Reduce inappropriate consultations
  5. Raise awareness the role of the Pharmacist in support for self-care.
  6. Supports primary care integration for the self-care agenda.
  7. Encourage registration of unseen/unheard populations eg. asylum seekers.

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Cumbria LPC


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