Services Database Substance Misuse (Cambridgeshire Area)

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The aims and intended outcomes of this service are:

  • to reduce the risk to local communities of:
    • exposure to contaminated needles and syringes; and
    • support reducing risk and occurrences of blood bourne virus infections and prevalence; and
  • to provide service users with regular contact with health care professionals and to help them access further advice or assistance.  The service user will be referred to specialist treatment centres or other health and social care professionals where appropriate and with consent.

The SLA for this service combines the needle & syringe programme and supervised administration. Further information on the supervised administration service can be found on the database entry for Supervised Consumption (Cambridgeshire Area).

Location of service

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LPC


Local Authority (LA)

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Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Needle & syringe programme

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CPPE training that may support this service:

  • Opiate treatment: Supporting pharmacists for improved patient care open learning; and
  • Public Health – drug users, harm reduction workshop.


This service is only available in the Cambridgeshire area.