Services Database Community Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme for People who are Injecting Drug Users (South Gloucestershire Area)

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The aims of the service are to:

  • provide a free needle and syringe exchange service for injecting drug users;
  • increase access to sterile injecting equipment and safe disposal facilities;
  • provide harm reduction information;
  • provide information about South Gloucestershire drug treatment services;
  • advise injecting drug users of the mobile needle exchange service which provides needle exchange, targeted harm reduction advice (e.g. regarding blood borne viruses, risks to groin injectors), and provides a range of needle sizes; and
  • raise the awareness of community pharmacists and their staff on issues relating to drug misuse.

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Avon LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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At least one pharmacist or Dispenser should complete the Health Checks training event provided by North Somerset Council and complete the online dementia awareness training. Clinical skills training sessions to carry out blood pressure readings, weight, height and point of care cholesterol testing should be completed by those who need it to reach the required competencies.

In addition, North Somerset Council Public Health will provide motivational interviewing skills training which should be completed by those who need it to reach the required competencies.


This service is available in the South Gloucestershire area only.