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Aims and Intended Service Outcomes

To assist the service users to remain healthy until they are ready and willing to cease injecting and ultimately achieve a drug-free life with appropriate support.

  • To protect health and reduce the rate of blood-borne infections and drug related deaths among service users:
  • by reducing the rate of sharing and other high risk injecting behaviours;
  • by providing sterile injecting equipment and other support;
  • by promoting safer injecting practices
  • by providing and reinforcing harm reduction messages.

To improve the health of local communities by preventing the spread of blood-borne infections by providing a safe and effective route for the disposal of used injecting equipment.

To help service users access treatment by signposting to CGL adult substance misuse services and health and social care professionals where appropriate.

To aim to maximise the access and retention of all injectors, especially the highly socially excluded.

To help service users access other health and social care, acting as a gateway to other services.

To reduce the number of drug-related deaths associated with opioid overdose.

Location of service

North East London LPC


Other: Change, Grow, Live

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Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Needle & syringe programme

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The lead pharmacists providing the service are required to successfully complete:

    • CPPE Substance Use and Misuse (Modules 1 – 4) and the associated learning
    • CPPE Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and the associated learning
  • All pharmacists will be required to complete the CPPE Declaration of Competence for Needle Exchange Programme. It is recommended that all registered pharmacy technicians complete the same declaration. The declaration will need to be confirmed on PharmOutcomes via enrolment
  • The training requirements must be met within three months of joining the service and updated every three years.
  • A representative from the pharmacy may be required to attend an annual training event.


This service is available in the Havering area only.