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2.1. The Community Pharmacy Needle & Syringe Programme Scheme is an integral and complementary part of the WDP Redbridge’s strategy for substance misuse.

2.2. To assist the service user to remain healthy until they are ready and willing to cease injecting and ultimately achieve a drug-free life with appropriate support.

2.3. To protect health and reduce the rate of blood-borne infections and drug-related deaths among service users:

  • by reducing the rate of sharing and other high-risk injecting behaviours;
  • by providing sterile injecting equipment and other support;
  • by promoting safer injecting practices; and
  • by providing and reinforcing harm reduction messages, including safe sex advice and advice on overdose prevention (e.g. risks of poly-drug and alcohol use).
  • To improve the health of local communities by preventing the spread of blood-borne infections by ensuring the safe disposal of used injecting equipment.
  • To help service users access treatment by offering referral to specialist drug and alcohol treatment centres and health and social care professionals where appropriate.
  • To maximise the access and retention of all injectors, especially the highly-socially excluded.
  • To help service users access other health and social care support and to act as a gateway to other services (e.g. key working, prescribing, Hepatitis B immunisation, Hepatitis and HIV screening, primary care services, etc.).

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North East London LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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7.1 Pharmacists participating in this scheme will be required to attend an initial training session and annual

update training as required. It is desirable that key members of pharmacy staff are also appropriately trained. It is the pharmacist’s responsibility to recommend and put forward relevant staff member(s) for training.  

7.2. Mandatory training is provided by WDP Redbridge Recovery Centre for all community pharmacy staff involved in the provision of the service. This training informs on good practice, health and safety and other issues deemed appropriate.  

7.3. All community pharmacists providing the service should complete an appropriate distance learning pack from the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE).

7.4. Pharmacists providing this service will be expected to participate in appropriate Continuing Professional Development in compliance with the criteria set out by the RPSGB.


This service is available in the Redbridge area only.