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  1. Contractors should comply with the Handing Out Equipment Checklist before delivering NSP (Appendix 2).
  2. Contractors will provide access to sterile needles and syringes and sharps containers for return of used equipment. Used equipment is normally returned to the contractor by the service user for safe disposal or to the local specialist service. Contractors should raise awareness of local disposal facilities amongst people who use the NSP Service.
  3. Where agreed locally, associated materials that promote safe injecting practice and reduce transmission of infections by PWID will be provided by the Company.
  4. Appropriate wider health promotion materials will be provided to the service user. Contractors should consider other locally commissioned pharmacy services from which PWID may benefit (e.g. minor ailment schemes) when providing this material.
  5. The Contractor will promote safer injecting practice to the service user, and give advice on sexual health and STIs, HIV and Hepatitis C transmission and encourage Hepatitis B immunisation.
  6. Contractors will offer a user-friendly, non-judgmental, client-centred and confidential service.
  7. Advice will include the availability of written information and verbal information on:
  • Legally available paraphernalia including whether and where this can be accessed by service users if not available via the pharmacy NSP scheme.
  • Safe storage and handling of injecting equipment.
  • Screening, risk assessment and referral including signposting to appropriate treatment services including immunisation services.

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Suffolk LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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Pharmacists and pharmacy staff involved in the provision of NSP should have relevant knowledge and be appropriately trained in the operation of the Service to a standard agreed with the Company.  At least one full-time Pharmacist at the accredited pharmacy (but all pharmacists should be encouraged to complete) must complete a Declaration of Competence (DoC) for “Pharmacy Needle and Syringe Programme provision”[1] and complete the CPPE Substance use and misuse e-learning programme to provide this Service.

All pharmacy staff should be encouraged to complete the free online training courses from Frontier at . This e-learning programme is free and consists of 12 modules to support learning and development in the subject of harm reduction and needle exchange