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Eligible patients are invited for a health check by the OPH call/recall system and contact the OPH or a participating pharmacy directly to book an appointment. The OPH will arrange for the patient to attend for a blood test (option 1) and the results will be displayed on the software prior to the appointment. The other option is for the patient to receive their blood test at the same time they receive their health check appointment with the use of near point testing equipment (option 2).

Using the web-based software, the pharmacy contractor will :

  • deliver a standard assessment, as detailed in the SOPs and software templates to include straightforward questions and measurements: height, gender, ethnicity, weight, waist circumference, BMI, manual pulse check, current medicines, age, family history, smoking status, dietary status, alcohol audit, physical activity status and blood pressure and fasting lipid profile, eGFR, dementia awareness and signposting for those 65 and over;
  • calculate CVD risk using the  Qrisk2 risk stratification tools for assessing 10 year CVD risk (this is built into the software);
  • if eGFR is raised refer the patient to their GP for CKD assessment as per SOPs;
  • if FPG/ HbA1c is raised refer the patient to their GP for a diabetes assessment as per SOPs;
  • if blood pressure is raised refer the patient to their GP for a hypertension assessment;
  • If irregular pulse refer the patient to their GP for an AF assessment
  • advise the patient's GP practice of all abnormal results by generated facsimile and covering telephone call; and
  • if poor lifestyle is identified advise the patient on lifestyle and/or refer to a lifestyle risk management service.

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Dudley LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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NHS Health Check

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All staff providing the service must attend OPH  training and updates on SOPs and software.