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The Lancashire Stop Smoking Services use a voucher scheme, whereby Stop Smoking Advisors issue clients with a voucher to obtain nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) from a community pharmacy to enable them to receive NRT on the NHS without the need for a prescription. This provides holistic care to the client whilst reducing the need for unnecessary GP consultations. Clients exempt from prescription charges may receive NRT free from participating pharmacies, whilst those clients who are not exempt from prescription charges may also receive NRT at the same cost as a prescription. Each voucher covers between one and four week’s supply of NRT and can be issued for up to 14 weeks per cessation attempt (2 weeks reduction, 12 weeks quit). Smokers unable to stop whilst on NRT should be discharged from the service and invited to re-attend when they are ready to make another quit attempt.

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Lancashire LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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NRT and/or varenicline voucher scheme

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Lancashire Stop Smoking Services


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Pharmacist Training & Qualifications
Pharmacists involved in the provision and/or accountability of this service must have completed the ‘Stop Smoking – very brief advice’ e-package (NCSCT version) and the distance learning package ‘Stop Smoking’ available from the Centre for Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Education (CPPE). These packages are available on the CPPE website:

Pharmacy Technician Training & Qualifications
Qualified Dispensing Technicians (NVQ level 3) must have received training by the Stop Smoking Service to supply NRT under the scheme. Registered Technicians are also encouraged to complete the CPPE package.


This service is available in the Lancashire area only.