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Aims and intended outcomes

The Optical Practices and Community Pharmacy Hypertension Pilot has been
developed to align with the existing NHS Hypertension Case Finding service in
pharmacies and aims specifically to:

  • To reduce health inequalities and risk across the community by enabling those
    with high blood pressure to be identified early and supported with timely advice,
    guidance and treatment from a range of primary care services including Optical
    Practices, Community Pharmacy and General Practice.
  • To improve access to primary care services by offering blood pressure checks at
    a variety of healthcare settings, ensuring patients can access the right care, in
    the right place, at the right time.
  • To support PCNs in achieving their IIF indicators through establishing Optical
    Practices and Community Pharmacies as key partners in identifying patients at
    risk of hypertension / high blood pressure.
  • To relieve pressure across General Practice and Emergency Departments by
    offering screening and advice in the community for those with high blood
    pressure, before urgent treatment is needed.
  • To improve collaboration among primary care contractors, building upon the
    existing Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) to further expand
    joint working and shared outcomes across PCNs.
  • To develop leadership skills, knowledge and skills among primary care
    contractors by providing opportunities to work together, share experiences and
    expand their knowledge of other services.
  • To build patient confidence in a range of primary care contractors so that they
    are able to make informed choices about how and where they access support for
    their healthcare needs, offering a safe and professional alternative to GP

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Humber LPC


NHS England

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