Services Database Palliative Care (Hampshire Area)

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Aims of service
• To improve access for people in Frimley to emergency palliative care medication when they are required by ensuring prompt access and continuity of supply during the pharmacy’s opening hours
• To provide the best level of End of life (EoL) care and reducing inappropriate hospital admissions in the last weeks of life
• To support patients, carers and clinicians by providing them with up to date information and advice relating to the use of EoL care medicines and referrals where appropriate
• To provide where required, advice to a range of healthcare professionals involved in the care of the patient or carer on the prescribing and or dosage of EoL care medicines

Location of service

Hampshire & IOW LPC


Method of commissioning

Source of funding

Service type

On demand availability of specialist drugs (palliative care)

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Not known.


This service is available in the Hampshire area only.