Services Database Pharmacy Alcohol Intervention and Brief Advice Service (South Gloucestershire Area)

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The aim of this service is to improve  access  to,  and  choice  of,  alcohol  screening  and  intervention  support services closer  to peoples’ homes, raising the awareness of the issues and dangers around alcohol consumption.

The pharmacy will provide support and advice to the patient, including referral to primary care or specialist centres where appropriate.

The consultation will include an explanation of:

  • daily benchmarks, what a unit of alcohol is and identification of how many units are present in the patient’s preferred alcoholic beverages;
  • the categories of risk according to levels of alcohol consumption identified;
  • the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption; and
  • the local services available in South Gloucestershire

Location of service

Avon LPC


Local Authority (LA)

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Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Alcohol screening & brief intervention

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Start date:
End date: 30/09/2016




The South Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Action Team will offer specialist training, such as RCGP Certificate in the Management of Alcohol Problems in Primary Care Level 1 for at least 1 of the frontline staff as well as ongoing support from the shared care service.


This service is available in the South Gloucestershire area only.