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Pharmacies will undertake to carry out the collection of the blood samples and deliver samples to University Hospital Sample Reception or Coventry and Warwickshire Site. Specified pharmacies will by arrangement provide regular transport for the samples to be taken to the phlebotomy area at the old Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, or the Pathology Department at University Hospital in a timely fashion. This will include samples other than those collected at the clinic, such as urine and faecal specimens, if requested to do so by a patient.

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Coventry LPC


Other: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

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The Subcontractor will undertake to:
1. Provide staff to carry out the collection of the blood samples. All such staff
must be trained and deemed competent to perform phlebotomy by
trainers employed by the Head Provider.
2. Phlebotomy staff will follow the Standard Operating Procedure (PH LPR15
included in schedule 5A of this contract) for the collection of venous blood
samples provided by the Head Provider
3. All staff will receive a yearly assessment of their competence by Head
Provider training staff, and the Subcontractor will agree to release these
staff at a mutually convenient time to undergo reassessment.
4. Within this competency assessment will be the requirement for training in
Basic Life Skills and CPR.
The Subcontractor will co-operate with Head Provider trainers if there are issues
regarding the ongoing competence of staff at their clinics. That member of staff
must be released to attend a competency assessment and retraining session
organised by UHCW if deemed necessary by the phlebotomy trainer(s). If the
issues are considered sufficiently serious, the member of staff must cease any
phlebotomy duties until this reassessment and training can be carried out, even if
this means that the operation of the clinic has to be suspended.
The Head Provider will train up to two staff in any eighteen month period for each
phlebotomy clinic site. If training of additional staff is required within any eighteen
month period, the cost of this training will be charged to the subcontractor.