Services Database Reimbursement of Prescription Charges for Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs (County Durham Area)

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This service is aimed at ensuring the continued supply of anti-TB medicines, the
demand for which may be urgent and/or unpredictable.

  • The pharmacy will provide information and advice to the user, carer and clinician. They
    may also refer to specialist centres, support groups or other health and social care
    professionals where appropriate
  • Prior to the patient attending the pharmacy, the TB team will telephone the pharmacy
    to explain the process.
  • The pharmacy will dispense the medication prescribed and will not charge a
    prescription fee for the anti-TB medication items
  • The pharmacy will invoice the commissioners c/o North of England Commissioning
    Support (NECS) for the relevant prescription charges by completing the invoice form
    included in appendix 1
  • The TB team and community pharmacy will liaise as necessary regarding the
    continued supply of anti-TB medication.
  • This scheme only applies to those patients diagnosed with TB and only applies to antiTB drugs prescribed by the TB team. It does not apply to any other medicines that the
    patient may be prescribed.

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County Durham & Darlington LPC


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Tuberculosis (TB)

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