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The aims of this service are to:

  • increase the knowledge, especially among young people, of the availability of emergency hormonal contraception and Chlamydia screening;
  • improve access to emergency hormonal contraception, treatment for Chlamydia, pregnancy testing and sexual health advice;
  • increase the use of emergency hormonal contraception by women who have had unprotected sex and help contribute to a reduction in the number of unplanned pregnancies in the client group;
  • increase opportunities for young people to talk in, a confidential environment, about their sexual health;
  • refer clients, especially those from hard to reach groups, into mainstream sexual health services;
  • promote free condoms in order to reduce unwanted pregnancy and transmission of STIs; and
  • increase the knowledge of risks associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

 This service is available to patients aged under 25 years of age.

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Avon LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Sexual health

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Details should be reported to Pubic Health and certificates shown

Pharmacists who wish to provide the EHC service should :

  • attend a local or complete a CPPE “Safeguarding Children” child protection course (every three years);
  • complete the CPPE EHC course;
  • attend Levonelle PGD training in North Somerset (every two years or whenever PGD is substantially updated)

Pharmacists who wish to provide the chlamydia screening service should:

  • attend azithromycin PGD training in North Somerset (every two years or whenever the PGD is substantially updated)

Other training requirements are:

  • the majority of staff should attend the Basic Sexual Health training provided by North Somerset Public Health
  • all staff registering young people for a 17 -24 c-card should attend the condom registration training provided by North Somerset Public Health
  • all staff carrying out pregnancy testing consultations should have attended the training provided by the “No Worries!” service
  • all trained pharmacists and sexual health lead member of staff should attend annual Networking and Update session with N Somerset Public Health Team

 Other recommended courses include:

  • CPPE Sexual Health: testing and treating Open Learning Programme (8 hrs)
  • CPPE Dealing with difficult discussions Open Learning Programme (8 hrs)
  • CPPE Patient group direction (PGD) – developing and implementing them safely


This service is available in the North Somerset area only.