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Service aims and objectives – Core provision

The aims of this service are to increase access and availability to sexual health services for residents of Liverpool. By enhancing the availability of services in this way we hope to achieve our objectives of reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, controlling the transmission of chlamydia and to contribute to the following indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework:

  • Under 18 conceptions;
  • Chlamydia diagnoses (15-24 year olds)
  • Reduce late HIV diagnosis by facilitating community HIV postal testing


Scope of services – Community Pharmacy Provision – Enhanced Provision

Under a Patient Group Direction provided by axess Sexual Health, commissioned services will provide:

  • Initiation of progesterone only oral contraceptive pills (COCP, POP) (see eligibility for application below);
  • Initiation of contraceptive injections (Depo-Provera, Sayana Press) (see eligibility for application below);
  • Provision of Hepatitis B vaccine (see eligibility for application below).
  • Provision of treatment for diagnosed Chlamydia (see eligibility for application below).

Location of service

Liverpool LPC


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Sexual health

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