Services Database Smoking Cessation in Community Pharmacies (Isle of Wight)

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Service Aim

  • In line with national guidelines, Healthy Lifestyles IoW aims to help and
    encourage local health services deliver the most effective and most costeffective services to encourage people who smoke to quit; ensuring that all
    clients are able to make a fully informed choice of where and how they
    receive support to quit.
  • All Pharmacies are expected to provide essential and those additional services
    they are contracted to provide to all their clients. This service specification
    outlines the more specialised services to be provided. The specification of
    this service is designed to cover the enhanced aspects of clinical care of the
    client, some of which are beyond the scope of essential services. No part of
    the specification by commission, omission or implication defines or redefines
    essential or additional services.

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Hampshire & IOW LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Stop smoking

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