Services Database Nicotine Replacement Therapy Pharmacy Voucher Scheme (Cambridgeshire Area)

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This service may be offered to a smoker who would like to make a quit attempt using
a licensed nicotine containing product (NRT) as part of a standard treatment
• This service may be offered to anyone over the age of 12 years, most NRT products
are licensed for 12 year olds plus.
• The contractor is required to dispense NRT upon receipt of a valid NRT Voucher Code.
Clients will be receiving behavioural support from an external provider; therefore, the
Pharmacy is NOT required to provide additional support. However, the Pharmacy
should provide brief advice and instructions on how to use the product effectively.
• Pharmacies will supply NRT on receipt of a voucher code from an authorised individual
as directed on PharmOutcomes. Pharmacies will confirm that the NRT has been

Location of service

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

Service type

NRT and/or varenicline voucher scheme

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Smoking cessation training is compulsory for every staff member involved in the
provision of the voucher scheme and the pharmacy contractor has the responsibility
to ensure that all staff including locums involved in providing the service are
appropriately trained
• Pharmacists who have previously attended Level 2 training are able to dispense NRT
via the voucher scheme
• Pharmacists who have not attended Level 2 training will need to complete the
NCSCT stop smoking medications module, and the NCSCT Very Brief Advice on
Smoking module and ensure they have awareness of local stop smoking support
• Brief intervention training including an overview of local services and NRT products
can be provided free of charge.
• The pharmacy contractor has the responsibility to ensure that pharmacists and staff
involved in the provision of the service are aware of and act in accordance with the
Service Specification, the Joint Commissioning Unit, Cambridgeshire County Council
protocols, best practice guidance and NICE guidance.
Service Delivery Quality Standards
• All staff are encouraged to access the nationally accredited certification which is
available free of charge via the National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training


This service is available in the Cambridgeshire area only