Services Database Supervised Administration (East and West Kent Area)

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Service outline
3.1 The pharmacy will offer a user-friendly, non-judgmental, patient-centred and confidential service.
3.2 The service will require the pharmacist or other competent member of staff to supervise the consumption of the prescribed medication when indicated by the prescriber, ensuring that the dose has been administered appropriately to the service user.
3.3 The prescriber will contact the service user’s chosen pharmacy prior to them attending the pharmacy, to ensure the pharmacy has capacity to take on a new service user. The prescriber will provide the Pharmacy with the service user’s details and a letter of introduction.
3.4 The service user’s Care Coordinator/Keyworker will be responsible for obtaining their agreement to supervised consumption and provide a copy to the pharmacy with the introduction letter.

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Kent LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Supervised administration

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