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  • The Supervised Consumption Programme is an integral and complementary part of the WDP Redbridge Service’s strategy for substance misuse.
  • To ensure compliance with the agreed treatment plan by:
  • Dispensing prescribed medication in specified instalments
  • Ensuring each supervised dose is correctly administered to the service user for whom it was intended (doses may be dispensed for the service user to take away to cover days when the pharmacy is closed)
  • Liaising with the prescriber, named key worker and others directly involved in the care of the service user (where the service user has given written permission)
  • Monitoring the service user’s response to prescribed treatment; for example if there are signs of overdose, especially at times when doses are changed, during titration of doses, if the service user appears intoxicated or when the service user has missed doses and if necessary withholding treatment if this is in the interest of service user safety, liaising with the prescriber or named key worker as appropriate
  • Improving retention in drug treatment
  • Improving drug treatment delivery and completion
  • To reduce the risk to local communities of:
  • Overuse or underuse of medicines
  • Diversion of prescribed medicines onto the illicit drugs market
  • Accidental exposure to the dispensed medicines
  • To help service users access treatment by offering referral to specialist drug and alcohol treatment centres and health and social care professionals where appropriate.

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North East London LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Supervised administration

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  • Pharmacists participating in this scheme will be required to attend an initial training session and twice annual update training as required. It is desirable that key members of pharmacy staff are also appropriately trained. It is the pharmacist’s responsibility to recommend and put forward relevant staff member(s) for training.
  • Mandatory training is provided by WDP Redbridge Service for all community pharmacy staff involved in the provision of the service. This training informs on good practice, health and safety and other issues deemed appropriate.
  • All community pharmacists providing the service should complete an appropriate distance learning pack from the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE).
  • Pharmacists providing this service will be expected to participate in appropriate Continuing Professional Development in compliance with the criteria set out by the RPSGB.
  • If agency pharmacists are used to cover pharmacist leave, the agency pharmacists must be fully briefed on this SLA and the minimum standards and requirements for dispensing.


This service is available in the Redbridge area only.