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1. The supply of antiviral medication through community pharmacies during

  • an ‘out of season’ outbreak of influenza
  • Out of hours periods both ‘in season’ and ‘out of season’
  • The ‘in season’ period in exceptional circumstance where the institution’s usual
    pharmacy cannot deliver.
  • For treatment for or exposure to Avian Flu for individual patients.

2. The delivery of antiviral medication and a Medicines Administration Record (MAR) chart for all
patients resident in a care home to the location of the outbreak populated with patients name and details of medication strength and dose
3. The pharmacy will supply antiviral medication as authorised by the ICB appointed clinical assessor on an FP10.
4. The pharmacy will purchase and hold antiviral stock (minimum levels are detailed at Appendix1).

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Kent LPC


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Antiviral stockholding

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