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The key aims of the scheme are to:

  • reduce the number of unintended teenage conceptions.
  • reduce the incidence of HIV and other STI’s in young people.
  • increase the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condoms.
  • reduce the associated barriers in accessing condoms, including financial cost (leading to health inequalities) and embarrassment.
  • link individuals into mainstream services.

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Surrey LPC


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Sexual health

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6.1 Delivery of this service as a distribution outlet can be undertaken by any member of the pharmacy support staff.

6.2 A minimum of one staff member must attend the joint CDS and CSP training. However, we would encourage all staff inputting data to read through the data input guidelines for the scheme’s database to ensure that data is inputted correctly.

6.3 Should the young person require advice, detailed information, or signposting to another service it is advisable that a member of staff who has completed the training specified within the existing Public Health Agreements takes responsibility for the interaction.

6.4 An appropriate number of condoms and lubricant will be sent out to the pharmacy by the scheme co-ordinator. The appropriate number of resources required will be initially supplied as an agreed number of condoms for distribution based on how many 13-24 years olds might be interested in accessing the service.

6.5 When a pharmacy needs to restock, they can contact the scheme co-ordinator who will check that their distribution data is up to date. If all the data has been submitted, the scheme co-ordinator will send more stock to the pharmacy.

6.6 Training for the service will be provided virtually by the specialist sexual health service.