Services Database Vitamin D vouchers for Winter Well packs (St Helens Area)

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  • 4826 vulnerable adults in the borough will be provided with vitamin D vouchers through the Winter Well pack that will allow supply for 2 months. The voucher for suitable licensed vitamin D will be exchanged for up to 60 tablets.
  • The client attends the pharmacy and exchanges voucher for a maximum for 60 vitamin D tablets. The staff member will supply the product with supporting information verbally.
  • The pharmacy must supply tablets after checking the necessary contraindications as described in the protocol (Appendix J). Overall responsibility for ensuring the suitability of the selected product supplied to the client lies with the pharmacist.
  • The St Helens Public Health team and the pharmacist will be responsible for ensuring the completion and accuracy of recorded client data (See Appendix D and K) and service documentation.

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Halton, St Helens & Knowsley LPC


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Healthy Start vitamins

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