Published on: 26th November 2018 | Updated on: 7th April 2022

A router is a networking device that forwards information between computers / networks. It can enable use of the internet – such as within a pharmacy.

The router which enables HSCN (formerly called N3) may be supplied by an aggregator selected by contractors’ IT support.

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Router impact on internet speed

Routers have been identified as one of the key factors which enable better internet speeds. See the section below for more about router replacement cycles to maintain adequate connectivity and WiFi.

Router replacement cycles to maintain good connectivity

Pharmacy contractors may be supplied their router by their IT support. Pharmacy contractors may speak with their IT support about the arrangements for router replacement cycles.

This may be a negotiating discussion point when choosing or changing IT support, or re-signing a contract, or if the router is no longer performing as expected.

NHS Digital say they anticipate that over time, like-for-like HSCN connectivity should become considerably cheaper. In the global commercial broadband market, the price for like-for-like connections has decreased over time. The UN’s report ‘The State of Broadband’ highlighted that within 20 years, things were done 100x faster at the same price within the domestic broadband market. Pharmacy teams may use free online speed test tools (e.g. Online speed test from Which?) to assess the performance of their connection and weigh up offerings when they are selecting between pharmacy system and connectivity offerings.

See also: Choosing/changing a system supplier and How to get the most from your Connection (briefing).

Security and changing default passwords

Your pharmacy system supplier and/or their chosen connectivity supplier may ensure that routers and other network components have their default passwords changed.

Additionally if you manage your own broadband connection, you can ensure the default password has been updated to a new one by following relevant guidance such as the Which? “Guide to changing your wireless router password“.

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