Healthy Living Pharmacy: Holding an awareness event/campaign on cancer

Published on: 14th February 2017 | Updated on: 27th November 2023

This page contains links to resources and information which pharmacy teams may wish to consider using when planning a health promotion event/campaign focussing on cancer.

This page is ‘work in progress’ and will continue to be updated.

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Resources to assist with finding local data

The below tools can be used to gather information to establish the level of cancer on a local basis:

  • Cancer Research UK – Local Cancer Statistics tool: Use this tool to understand and compare the latest cancer-related statistical information in a specific area across the UK including cancer incidence, survival, mortality, early diagnosis, screening and risk factors
  • Public Health England – Cancer Services: This tool contains data on cancer services at GP and Clinical Commissioning Group level collated by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service. The profiles are for commissioners and health professionals when assessing the impact of cancer on their local population and making decisions about services. They include data on cancer screening, Two Week Wait referrals, diagnostic services, emergency presentations and admissions
  • Public Health England – Health Profiles: This tool provides a snapshot of health and wellbeing across each local authority in England as portrayed by a range of indicators. They are intended to stimulate discussion between local government and health service providers by highlighting local needs and providing comparisons with other areas as well as with the national average.
  • PHE & Macmillan Cancer Support – Local Cancer Intelligence tool: This tool provides headline information on numbers, needs and experiences and includes prevalence, incidence, mortality, survival, patient experience and routes to and from diagnosis
Community Pharmacy England resources
National awareness campaigns
National charities & resources
Key facts & statistics

Training resources

  • The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education – – Cancer

Campaign/event tips

  • Consider setting up your stall focussing on a type of cancer and follow the themes of national charities, for example, pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer, red for oral cancer, teal for ovarian cancer or purple for pancreatic cancer and so on

Further resources

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