Healthy Living Pharmacy: Holding an awareness event/campaign on flu

Published on: 31st July 2017 | Updated on: 1st June 2022

This page contains links to resources and information which pharmacy teams may wish to consider using when planning a health promotion event/campaign focussing on flu.

This page is ‘work in progress’ and will continue to be updated.

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Resources to assist with finding local data

Community Pharmacy England is unaware of any published tools which provide information on local data relating to flu.

Community Pharmacy England resources

National awareness campaigns
Campaign Dates
Stay Well This Winter Winter period

Resources from other organisations

Links to resources from other organisations can be found on the Flu Vaccination – promoting the service to patients page on the Community Pharmacy England website.

Key facts & statistics

Training resources
  • The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education has a number of programmes available on influenza
Campaign/event tips
  • NHS Employers has published flu fighter planning guide which provides some information on building a strategy and implementing an action plan; although this is aimed at NHS trusts, some aspects of it may be useful to community pharmacy teams
  • NHS Employers has also published a guide on evaluating your flu campaign; although this is aimed at NHS trusts, some aspects of it may be useful to community pharmacy teams
  • Use social media to promote your service; NHS Employers has published a social media toolkit with lots of useful tips
  • The topic of flu is closely linked to use of antibiotics; have a look at the antibiotic resistance campaign page and consider using the Antibiotic Guardian resources to highlight that cold and flu symptoms can be treated at home without antibiotics

Further resources

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