Christmas/New Year Opening hours

Pharmacy owners do not have to give formal notice of closures on days specifically mentioned in the Regulations (namely Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday) or a day specifically designated as a ‘bank holiday’ unless directed to open by NHS England (NHSE). However, pharmacy owners must ensure that their Directory of Services (DoS) and NHS website entries are accurate for the Christmas/New Year period (a Terms of Service requirement with verification carried out quarterly via the NHS Profile Manager).

Supplementary Opening Hours

If pharmacy owners wish to reduce supplementary hours on other days, for example, to close early, notice of that intention should be given to NHSE (via the relevant ICB) at least five weeks in advance.

Please note: there are only a few days left to notify of supplementary opening hours changes before the Christmas/New Year period to ensure you give the five weeks‘ notice required. Therefore, it is important to send any notifications in the next few days.