Pharmacist prescriber pathfinder programme

Pharmacy press

We were asked to provide further comment on the Independent Prescribing in Community Pharmacy – the Pathfinder Programme and the detail that was sent to Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) about the pathfinder programme.

Our Director of Member and LPC Support, James Wood, said:

“We expect the IP Pathfinder site allocation and funding model to be shared with NHS ICBs in the coming days. The pathfinder sites will be commissioned under Local Enhanced Service arrangements, so LPCs will need to be consulted on the service level agreement and pricing.

“We will be supporting LPCs to work with the local NHS. We want to see the pathfinder programme succeed, as it is likely to inform negotiations on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework in the next few years. This is an important step as the sector prepares for 2026, when all pharmacists will be able to independently prescribe at registration.”