PSNC: Pharmacy needs NHS pay rise as well

In response to today’s news that the Government has accepted the recommendations from the independent NHS pay review bodies, PSNC has reiterated its position that community pharmacy contractors need urgent funding support.

NHS Pay Review Announcement 

Janet Morrison, PSNC CEO, said:

“The Government’s agreement to award public sector workers a pay rise this year will feel like yet another slap in the face for community pharmacy teams. While we recognise that many of our NHS colleagues will desperately need an uplift in the face of uncontrolled inflationary rises, we are clear that contractors and their teams need and deserve the same help. This is particularly the case as satisfaction with other healthcare services falls off a cliff and pharmacies are being left, as always, to pick up the pieces for their local communities.

Contractors will know that we are currently negotiating CPCF arrangements and as you would expect, we are pushing very hard on this. Government and the NHS have all the evidence they need of both the value of pharmacies and of the very precarious economic situation that businesses are in, and they must now back up their praise for pharmacies with much-needed financial support.”


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