Vision Project: A video message from PSNC’s CEO

PSNC Chief Executive Janet Morrison has recorded a video message about the vision and strategy project being led by Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund.

In the video, Janet describes the various stages of the project commissioned by PSNC, and how the independence and expertise of these two think tanks will add credibility to the process. She outlines her desire for the project to be open, inclusive and consultative, with plenty of opportunities for contractors and LPCs to input their insights and ideas.

Janet talks about the severe pressures that contractors and their teams are under at the moment, explaining that this is why PSNC needs to carefully consider how to lay the foundations for the next round of negotiations on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF). Ultimately Janet wants this project to create a really good roadmap to help develop a sustainable future for the community pharmacy sector.

Watch the video:

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