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Published on: 6th August 2013 | Updated on: 16th May 2024


Pharmacy Regulations 2013
NHS England performance concern
policies and procedures

NHS England has published its policies and procedures for identifying, managing and supporting primary care performers and contractors whose performance gives cause for concern. These policies and procedures have been developed to apply across all primary care professionals and are available here.

A Performance Screening Group (PSG) will have an in-depth knowledge of performance procedures and professional standards, and will be able to provide advice on handling individual cases.  The group will review all new and on-going cases.

A Performers List Decision Panel (PLDP) will take overall responsibility for the management of pharmacy contractor’s performance, to decide on actions required on individual performance cases, in line with regulations, and make referrals to other bodies where appropriate.

Local Pharmaceutical Committees appoint members to both the PSG and the PLDP, to ensure that the group and panel has access to expert information on the pharmacy profession, and pharmacy regulations (for example the terms of service).  The role of the LPC nominee on the group or panel is to represent the interests of pharmacy contractors generally, by helping ensure the proportionate application of the terms of service.  In cases where a PLDP is to consider the appropriate sanctions to apply in a case of poor performance of a pharmacy contractor, the LPC nominee on the PLDP might be appointed from outside the area, to help manage potential conflicts of interest.

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