Actions once a pharmacy owner has met the requirements for HLP

Published on: 4th November 2020 | Updated on: 22nd August 2023

Once a pharmacy owner has met all the requirements for becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP), they should complete an assessment of compliance and retain this in the pharmacy:

Assessment of compliance (Word e-form)

Assessment of compliance (PDF)

This form must be completed by a pharmacy professional (pharmacist or pharmacy technician) in the pharmacy, who must provide their General Pharmaceutical Council registration number.

Part 1 of the assessment of compliance relates to the key requirements that the pharmacy must have in place before self-declaring HLP status. The assessment allows the contractor to list the evidence they possess in the pharmacy, which they can use to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. Evidence must be provided against all requirements.

Note: Pharmacy owners who have used the Community Pharmacy England Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Evidence Portfolio Workbook will not need to complete Part 1 of the assessment of compliance provided they have listed all their evidence to meet the HLP requirements in the Workbook.

Part 2 requires the pharmacy professional to declare compliance with the HLP requirements and to retain this in the pharmacy (they do not need to register as an HLP with an external organisation). The assessment of compliance does not need to be submitted routinely to NHS England.

Royal Society for Public Health register and quality assurance visits

Previously, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) was commissioned by Public Health England to maintain an HLP register and conduct quality assurance visits. The RSPH register of HLPs still exists, but it is not being maintained and the associated quality assurance process has ceased. Any quality assurance of pharmacies claiming to meet the HLP requirement, would in future be undertaken as part of normal contract monitoring activity conducted by NHS England regional teams.

Since RSPH is no longer commissioned to provide the HLP register and conduct quality assurance visits, this also means that pharmacies will not be sent an HLP certificate or HLP logo to display in their pharmacy.


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