Influencing Resources for LPCs: January 2023

Published on: 12th January 2023 | Updated on: 2nd February 2023

Community Pharmacy England has been continuing to work to brief Ministers, MPs and the Opposition and we have in recent weeks seen an increase in the number of MPs and Peers speaking out in support of the sector.

1. MP letter to Health Secretary

To ensure that we continue to apply pressure on Ministers we are now seeking to facilitate the sending of a letter from MPs and peers to the Health Secretary. The letter raises the parliamentarians ‘deep and growing concern over the unprecedented pressures facing the community pharmacy sector in England, and the risks that this poses to patient care and safety, if left unchecked’.

We would be extremely grateful if LPCs and contractors could encourage their local MP (excluding Ministers) to sign the letter, the deadline to do so is Friday 3rd February. There are two letters below, one for opposition MPs and the other for Conservative MPs. Please choose the appropriate letter when writing to your local MP(s). Please do not send out to Government Ministers as they are unable to sign these type of letters. For any assistance, please contact: . A suggested draft email is below.



Dear MP,

As a [local pharmacist/pharmacy owner/LPC staff member,] I am writing today to ask you to add your name to a letter to the Health Secretary to register your concern over the unprecedented pressures facing the community pharmacy sector in England.

Community pharmacies are always willing to step up and tackle the challenges faced by the NHS, as we did during the pandemic, we cannot do this without fair and proper funding.

The community pharmacy sector is currently facing extreme and intolerable pressures relating to workforce issues, increasing staff and locum costs, and rapidly rising medicine prices, all stemming from a 30% real terms funding cut since 2015. This is severely impacting the ability of pharmacies to provide optimal patient care and services.

Please see the full text of the letter attached. I know the whole sector would be extremely grateful if you were able to add your name. Please write to to confirm by Friday 3rd February.

Many thanks,


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