LPC Finance Briefing

Published on: 23rd October 2023 | Updated on: 7th December 2023

This event was held for all LPC members, especially LPC Treasurers, members of Finance & Audit subcommittees, and LPC staff involved in supporting the work of LPC finances. The session was shaped based on the updated LPC Finance Guide, which is specifically referenced in the model constitution. The event highlighted various implementation steps that LPCs needed to take and emphasised the importance of addressing financial risks. Participants had the opportunity to hear from external experts and other LPC members, gaining valuable insights and perspectives.

During the event, there were also ample opportunities for sharing ideas and best practices, as well as networking with LPC members from different areas of the county. Additionally, the executive team from Community Pharmacy England was present.

You can view the recorded version of the event via clicking below.

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