Developing a Vision for Community Pharmacy – first opportunity to share your views

Published on: 9th November 2022 | Updated on: 7th February 2023

This consultation is the first opportunity within Community Pharmacy England’s vision project for people and organisations to share their thoughts on the future of community pharmacy. It takes the form of a short survey, and the responses will inform the development of the vision and strategic options for community pharmacy.

Background information on the project

Community Pharmacy England has commissioned Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund to develop a new vision and strategic options for community pharmacy.

Their report, which is expected to be published in early summer 2023, will help to underpin the future strategy for the sector.

It will also lay the groundwork for negotiations between Community Pharmacy England and policymakers as the current five-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) comes to an end. Those negotiations will decide what happens after April 2024, and they will be critical to the future of the sector.

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Who should respond to this survey?

  • Pharmacy contractors and their teams;
  • Other pharmacy professionals and representative bodies;
  • Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs);
  • Other healthcare professionals;
  • Service commissioners; and
  • Patients, the public and their representative bodies.

Why should you respond to the survey?

If you have an interest in community pharmacy, responding to this survey provides the first opportunity within Community Pharmacy England’s vision project to contribute your views on the future development of community pharmacy and the services that pharmacy teams could provide to patients, working with other health and care professionals and the NHS.

There will be further opportunities to share your views during the project, but this survey will provide initial feedback and views to inform the work of Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund.

In addition to this survey, Community Pharmacy England is planning to hold some contractor engagement events early in 2023, so contractors could choose to input into this phase of the vision work by attending one of those, rather than responding to this consultation.

How to share your views

You can share your views by completing the following electronic survey:

Initial vision consultation survey – the survey closed at 11.59pm on Friday 9th December 2022.

This survey has five questions in it, which you can view below. The survey allows for free text answers to give as much scope for sharing views and ideas as possible.

You can complete the survey anonymously.

View questions posed in the survey

Thinking about the future of community pharmacy, what would “good” look like, from either a community pharmacy, NHS or patient perspective?  

What are the key building blocks that need to be in place to achieve that ambition?
For example, the approach to commissioning of community pharmacy; the key metrics for pharmacy services;  the approach to the use and development of the workforce, skill mix and technology; the role of remote provision of services and digital engagement with patients and the public.

Thinking about past policies and developments in pharmacy practice and possible future developments, what are the key barriers to change?
For example, what has stopped good practice being rolled out further? Are the right incentives in place? Do the views of pharmacy held by the public and other healthcare professionals have an impact? Are the right IT systems and connectivity in place?

Thinking about past policies and developments in pharmacy practice and possible future developments, what are the key enablers of change? 
For example, are there past policies that have been successful in progressing the role of community pharmacy to support patients and the wider NHS? What are the potential levers and incentives for commissioners, pharmacies or patients to adopt or utilise new approaches and services?

Are there innovative models of the delivery of community pharmacy services that you are aware of that should be explored during the development of the vision?  

Engagement events
In addition to the online survey, Community Pharmacy England hosted some online engagement events in January 2023. These allowed any contractors who preferred not to submit a written consultation response to input into this stage of the vision work.

Presentation for meeting

LPCs or others may wish to hold meetings to discuss the consultation questions before submitting responses. The slide deck can assist this process.

Presentation on initial vision consultation

Collating the responses

Community Pharmacy England will collate the feedback received via the survey and a summary will be shared with the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund project team. The collated feedback will not identify the views or responses of individuals – people or organisations – that have responded to the survey. The content of individual responses to the survey will be processed by Community Pharmacy England staff and will not be shared with anybody else. Similarly, in the New Year, Community Pharmacy England will provide an anonymised summary of the engagement events to the project team.

Community Pharmacy England Privacy Notice

If you have any questions about the survey, please email them to

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