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Published on: 14th January 2023 | Updated on: 14th January 2023

Community Pharmacy England Elections 2023: Information and FAQs

Community Pharmacy England has now started its election cycle for the new committee of Community Pharmacy England, to be known as Community Pharmacy England (CPE). This Committee will take up post from 1st April 2023.

The new Community Pharmacy England Committee will be made up of 24 members in total, including 10 Independent pharmacy contractors elected by the Community Pharmacy England regions in England (the Regional Representatives) and 3 non-CCA Independent Multiple representatives elected nationally.

Pharmacists who are Independent pharmacy contractors (as based on the Pharmaceutical Lists from 31st September 2022) and who are members or officers of an LPC in the relevant Community Pharmacy England region will be eligible for election as a Community Pharmacy England/CPE Regional Representative.

In contrast, Multiple pharmacy contractors (those with 10 or more NHS pharmacy premises in England or members of the Association of Independent Multiple pharmacies) will be eligible to stand in the Non-CCA Multiples election.

The below briefing provides information about the regional representative election. A separate briefing provides information on the Non-CCA Multiples election.

FAQs & queries about the 2023 election

Q. My pharmacy is not connected to the right NHS Parent Organisation Code

Please follow the instructions at: cpe.org.uk/updatedata. This page explains how you can contact the Exeter helpdesk if you need to request an adjustment to the POC connected to your pharmacy.  If you are the owner of a multi-pharmacy organisation, and would like all your pharmacies to fall under a single POC, this change can be made on request.

Q. The ownership has changed at my pharmacy, can I vote?

If we can validate that the ownership change has occurred using our sources, then you will be able to vote. Please ensure that you  follow the instructions at: cpe.org.uk/updatedata. The following may also be useful: cpe.org.uk/odschangelist. Please also complete the following: Community Pharmacy England elections query form. Within the ‘Further information’ field on the form, you should include the relevant information about the ownership change i.e. the date that the change of ownership occurred and the old and new pharmacy names and ODS codes.

Q. How do I update the NHS about my data?

Please follow the instructions at: cpe.org.uk/updatedata.

Q. I have 9 or fewer pharmacies and I have been invited to vote within the independents’ ballot, but I am a member of AIM and should take part with the Non-CCA Multiples election.

Please complete the following short Community Pharmacy England elections query form, to confirm your AIM membership, and participation within the Non-CCA Multiples elections.

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